Chances are you're already on several newsletter lists - this is email marketing at work. A newsletter is a great way to let those interested in what you do keep up to date but it can be much more than that. Why not have a chat with us about how email marketing could work for you?

All Tech Plus use a system called MailerLite and are certified in its use. If you take a look around our site, you'll find there are various popup forms to request more information, or simply to join our VIP list (including this page!). Once an e-mail address is collected (and optionally with other information), dependent on where it was collected this can start an e-mail automation, the first step might simply to be to send out a welcome message with links to related information. MailerLite in common with other email marketing software can then analyse how the recipient(s) interact with messages and perform additional actions dependent on that. Perhaps you might send out a voucher, limited for 7 days, and after 5 days the recipient hasn't clicked the link to take advantage of the voucher, the system can automatically send a reminder. 

Using email marketing coupled with automations can save you a lot of time, and can help prequalify potential clients, removing a lot of the need to follow up manually. I even have a form which I use privately to enter e-mail addresses, an individualised (personalised) greeting for the automation to use, and personalised links to a demo of a chatbot - once entered, the automation does the rest and I can see if the recipient has viewed the demo, clicked for further information (the automation handles that), opened the e-mail and so on.

I've tried to summarise here what email marketing is / can do, though your own use case will vary. If you'd like more information, or would like to visit and chat about how e-mail marketing might work for you and your business with no obligation, click the button below (by the way, doing so, you'll automatically experience email marketing at work!)

You could also take a look at the article we wrote in our business blog just after we gained certification: All Tech Plus is now MailerLite Certified

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