For customer without support plans where possible please use the support portal or e-mail method as described on this page to request support. For free advice, only via. the support portal or e-mail method please. For IPTV channel reporting issues please do not use the portal, instead use the channel reporting page as previously instructed.

You can watch the YouTube video from this page or our channel to find out how. In order to respond to, or check on the progress of your support ticket you must login to the portal regardless of the method used to request support.

Don't forget to add the support portal to your favourites.

You will not be able to send the form until you have completed the 'I'm not a robot' challenge!


Portal Help Videos

Watch this video to see how to register onto the support portal
Watch this video to see how to submit a support ticket once you have your login credentials.
You'll receive e-mails from the portal system but if a response is needed or you need to close the ticket.