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Filling in this form and making a successful payment enters a ticket into our support system. Subsequent payments (renewals) will be collected either by paypal (fees apply), stripe (not yet active, fees apply), bank transfer (preferred) or by direct debit (you will need to provide details).

Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions, no refunds will be made so think carefully whether you wish to commit to a 3 month or 6 month term.

You will be provided with details to setup your own device, this will either be a playlist URL for apps on Android based devices, or a portal URL for MAG BOX devices or STBEMU app. At your option, you can drop the equipment to us by arranging a drop-off appointment and we'll set it up for you (not while you wait).

Before renewal you will receive a bill in your e-mail, payment is then either only by payment into our bank account (online banking, no fees) or Paypal (fees apply). We advise to pay in advance of expiration to ensure continued service.

If you have chosen bank transfer we will send you an invoice or an e-mail with the bank details on once we have processed your request for service.

If you have chosen to pay by cash, we will activate your service once we receive the cash either in person or once we have collected from our box (BOX 19) at Benijofar postroom.

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