Facebook Business Page Created for You

When you're busy trying to run your business it can sometimes be difficult to give time over to marketing and promoting your business.
For a great value fixed fee, why not have your Facebook Business Page created for you?

Just fill in one simple questionnaire to give us enough information to get going and we'll do the rest.

Your Business Page

The main images used on your page for best results need to be of a certain size, and with content within specific windows for best viewing on most devices.
You might expect to pay a minimum of 2 hours labour, a minmum of €40, if you ordered this image work separately.

Banner Graphic
Using images provided, or we can source images that can be used commercially without charge, we create your banner graphic for you.
Cover Video (optional)
Instead of a static cover or banner graphic you can make use of a cover video instead. The production of such is not included in the price here. You may provide your own if you wish which should be at 1080p.
Profile Image
The profile image is shown slightly embedded on the left bottom corner of your page banner graphic. Facebook applies a round frame in most circumstances. You'll also see a small version next to any posts you make.
Service Images
If you have a range of discrete services, these can feature in the services section of your page. Each service can optionally have an associated image. This is cropped square image. We can source generic images for this if you don't have your own.
Any images we create, or that you provide will be made available to your Facebook Business Page and organised logically into appropriate folders.
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Other Sections & Features

Facebook Business pages give us a lot of neat features which all need enabling and configuring.
There are many business pages out there that have gone with default settings - they look terrible and don't give a good impression.
We can configure any or all of these for you when you book this service.

About Us Tab
Your About Us Tab should always be enabled on your page. It is the first place those interested in your business are likely to look for contact details, opening hours, an overview of your business and so on. We'll fully populate this with the information you send us.
Services Tab
If you have discrete services, or different levels of service it can be useful to give details here including prices. This section can also be used in conjunction with Bookings.
Bookings / Appointments
Allow clients to book your services through your Facebook Business page. Receive notifications from Facebook, automatically approve bookings, or review them manually.
Reviews Tab
Do you ever look at reviews before making a purchase? You should opt for allowing your Facebook Business Page visitors to leave reviews. If you use Google My Business you may wish to disable on Facebook but direct Facebook viewers to Google My Business.
Messaging Options
Clients can message you from your page with those messages reaching Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Some automation can be enabled, including greeting message, away message and responses to frequently asked questions.
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How does it work?

Once you place your order, you'll be sent a link to an online questionnaire. We'll ask you some questions about your business and needs which we use to configure and setup your page.

Image Editing
Ideally you'll have some images which we can work with straight away such as your logo, perhaps photographs of some of your products, or even you providing one of your services. You can send these using the form, by WhatsApp or any other electronic means. The price does not include creating your brand identity for you. If you require this service contact us for a quote.
We assume that you have some familiarity with Facebook already (you need a personal account to have a business page). We offer an optional short training session at our office of no longer than 30 minutes to show you how to work and change some of the features.
For more comprehensive training we charge an hourly rate of €20!
Engage Us To Manage Your Page
Don't have the time, knowledge or inclination to create posts, offers etc. to your business page. Why not opt for our 6 month assistive plan?
See pricing below.
When it's done
We'll bill you and once you've paid, we'll add you as an administrator of your page, it's then over to you.
If you haven't engaged us to manage your page on an ongoing basis.
Facebook Business Page Ordering & Pricing
If you are thinking of ordering additional services with us at the same time - please contact us for a bundle deal.
  • Ongoing Assistance
  • €20 Monthly*
  • If you order this, we'll include the setup of your Facebook Business Page as detailed on this page, and we'll create and make image based posts + text on your behalf up to a maximum of twice monthly.
  • 6 Month Minimum Term
  • Automatically Renewed
  • Must be paid using Paypal recurring payments
  • IVA not included